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Donald J. Trump The 45th president of the United States of America

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To Plea or Not To Plea
Gamechanger by Erbil Gunasti
Struggling for One America - 3d
Trump vs Hollywood The Two White Houses

Erbil Gunasti
Daphne Barak

Trump Delegates from California

in the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections.

What have they done during the Trump Administration?

  • They authored three books with Trump name on them

  • They made a documentary dedicated to the Trump presidency

  • They became

    • pre-committed Trump delegates from California in 2016, and again in 2020

    • instrumental in bringing, then Candidate Trump, to California on the 11th hour right before the crucial Indiana primary to guarantee California delegates for the Trump presidency

    • presidential appointees and went through two years long investigations like most other Trump appointees

  • They spent four years of their lives between Wash DC, Mar-a-Lago, and California, interacting with the 45th President

  • They have done couple other fairly important things that cannot be revealed until another book, nft, article, documentary or a movie comes along, if ever!

Lara Trump Erbil Daphne and the gang
Lara Trump Erbil Daphne and the gang

At the Trump International Lobby

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Erbil Gunasti Stephanie Grisham Daphne Barak
Erbil Gunasti Stephanie Grisham Daphne Barak

With the Personal Assistant of the First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump, in Wash DC

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At the White House

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Lara Trump Erbil Daphne and the gang
Lara Trump Erbil Daphne and the gang

At the Trump International Lobby

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Jun 16 - Announced candidacy for president


Apr 29 - Made Keynote Speech at the CAGOP

Jul 19 - President-elect, became Republican nominee for president

Nov 08 - Elected 45th president of the United States


Jan 20 - Inauguration ceremonies & start of the presidency @12:00 noon

Apr 07 - Senate confirmed Neil Gorsuch to Supreme Court

May 19 - Trip to S. Arabia, Israel, Italy, and NATO in Belgium n Sicily

Jun 19 - Otto Fredrick Warmbier died

Jul 03 - Trip to Poland and Germany for G-20 summit

Nov 03 - Trip to Hawai, Japan, S. Korea, China, Vietnam, Philippines

Dec 12 - Signed the National Defense Authorization Act

Dec 20 - House approved it by 224-201

Dec 20 - Republican Tax Bill Passed Senate in 51-48 Vote


Feb 08 - Signed budget to raise spending and reopen government

Mar 08 - Proclamations to impose tariffs on aluminum and steel

Mar 09 - Pardoned Kristian Saucier

Mar 23 - Signed $1.3 trillion spending bill, despite earlier threat to veto

Jun 08 - Attended G7 in Canada

Jun 12 - Met Kim Jong-Un of North Korea in Singapore

Jul 09 - Nominated Brett Kavanaugh to Supreme Court

Jul 10 - Attended NATO summit in Brussels

Jul 12 - Visited UK

Jul 16 - Met Vladimir Putin of Russia in Helsinki, Finland

Jul 27 - U.S. economy surged ro 4.1 % growth in 2nd quarter

Aug 02 - Received a letter from Kim of North Korea

Aug 05 - Omarosa's 'cash for trash' came out

Aug 13 - FBI fired agent Peter Strzok

Aug 21 - Fed. jury found P. Manafort guilty on 8 counts of tax evasion

Aug 25 - U.S. Senator John McCain died from brain cancer

Aug 27 - U.S. n Mexico reached a trade deal to replace NAFTA

Sep 28 - Senate advanced Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination

Oct 01 - USMCA US-Canada-Mexico-Agreement

Oct 06 - Senate confirmed Justice Kavanaugh 50-48

Oct 10 - Category 4 hurricane Michael hit Florida

Oct 30 - Ordered an additional 5200 troops to 'harden' the US-Mex border

Nov 06 - Midterm elections. Democrats took House. Republicans kept Senate

Nov 07 - AG Jeff Sessions resigned. Matthew Whitaker to became Acting-AG

Nov 09 - Trip to Paris for the 100th year anniversary ceremonies of WWI

Nov 30 - G20 Buenos Aires Summit

Dec 22 - US federal government shutdown until Jan 25th


The Best Year of the Trump Administration


The Worst Year of the Trump Administration

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